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Society of Women Artists
Society of Women Artists 160th Open Exhibition

A Platform for Outstanding Artists

The SWA seeks works of the highest standard within its specific field. The SWA continues to promote female artists and prides itself on the very diverse nature of the work shown during our Annual Open Exhibition from both our non-members and our members.

Entry Deadline: 25 June 2021 Midnight

Key Dates

Open For Entry: 4th March 2021.
Entry Deadline: 25 June 2021, Midnight.

Selection Notification: 16 July 2021.

Private View: TBC

Awards Announced: TBC
Exhibition Open To Public: 21 September 2021 to 21 December 2021


Entry Pricing

Standard Prices.
Maximum Artwork Entries: 6
First or Single Entry Price: £8.00
Additional Entries: £8.00 per artwork up to 6 artworks.

Concession Price for Artists Under 35
Maximum Artwork Entries: 6
First or Single Entry Price: £6.00
Additional Entries: £6.00 per artwork up to 6 artworks.

SWA Members & Associate Members
Maximum Artwork Entries: 6
Free Entry

Exhibition Entry Information

Exhibition Entry Information




These conditions apply to all exhibitions administered by the Exhibition Administrators. The term ‘Exhibition Administrators’ means The Society of Women Artists Ltd.

1. Submission Procedure - Submissions for selection to the 2021 online exhibition will be open from the 4th March to the 25th July. You will only be able to apply digitally via the following . To find out if you have been successful you will need to log back in to  on the 16th July 2021.

2. Imagery - The quality of the images up loaded are integral to work being selected because these are the images that will be used in the online Exhibition. Please ensure the the images are sharp and cropped appropriately.

Image files should be JPG or PNG and no more than 5MB large. Upload time will depend on your internet connection speed so please be patient. If you are having problems uploading your images, please use image editing software to resize your image to approximately 1600 pixels wide and then save as a new file. Image file names should not be too long and should not contain any invalid characters such as ' " & % * ( ) < > / \ ~ # + = 

The Royal Academy have produced an excellent guide to aid you with photography. This is a link to the video       This is a PDF of the RA Guide How to Photograph your work 

3. Submission - Submission fees for non-members is £8 per work, irrespective of size or medium, to be paid at the time of submission. Young artists (age 18-35 years) is £6 per work and members enter free.

4. Number of works & Membership - Up to 6 works may be submitted but maximum of four works can be displayed. We are looking to select new Associate members (ASWA) or full members this years. So if you wish to be considered for either of these you must enter 6 artworks.

5. Size - There will be no maximum submission size for paintings and sculpture this year. All works will be judged by merit.     


6. NOTIFICATION OF FINAL RESULTS - Entries will be selected by a panel of judges for inclusion to the online exhibition. You will need to log back on to  on the 16th of July to find out if your work has been accepted.

7. Sale Price & Commission - The price of works supplied by the artist should include the commission of 45% for non members and 40% for members the SWA will be donating 5% of the sale price to the Charity Breast Cancer Now. All work must be for sale, except by prior consent from the SWA. Minimum Sale prices for works: £350, and £150 for etchings or lithography or drawings, £200 for 3D works. The aforementioned is applicable on commissioned work arranged through the Exhibition Administrators. Any sale effected by the Exhibition Administrators will have priority over a sale effected by the artist. Please note that artists liable to VAT are responsible for paying their own tax. 

8. VAT Registration for Artists Not Resident in the UK - Our open exhibition is open to artists in the UK, EU, and outside the EU. Artists who are not resident in the UK have a responsibility to register and for UK VAT with H.M. Revenue & Customs.  

  • Artists without a UK residence are classified as Non-Established Taxable Persons (NETPs) and must register with HMRC (HM Revenue + Customs) for a UK VAT number before they can exhibit artworks in our Online Exhibition. A valid UK VAT number is prefaced with the letters “GB” 

  • We will not accept VAT numbers from other countries

  • You must enter the retail price of your artwork when entering online and then can wait to see if your artwork is accepted before you register for a UK VAT number.

  • You must provide us with your UK VAT number before 1st September 2021. If you do not, we will not be able to enter your selected artwork(s) into the exhibition.

NB. An application for a VAT number should take around 30 working days, although the process may take longer, so make sure you allow enough time.


9. Etchings and Original Printmaking - Original unique printing is acceptable, Etchings must show their plate indentations. Commercially printed line work or photographically/digitally reproduced work printed with commercial machines (such as giclée work) is not admissible.

10.  Commercial carriers - can be used to deliver works to buyers where necessary, please see the list of trusted experienced carriers below. These are no part of the SWA and must be contacted and dealt with directly.

11.  Press Photographs - Unless otherwise stated in writing by the artist, works exhibited may be used for Press purposes in connection with the Exhibition.

12.  Copyright -  The Copyright of all works, other than commissioned work, remains the property of the artist. Any enquiries for copyright will be referred to the artist.

13.  Care of Works - The Exhibition Administrators will not be liable for any damage or loss of works when posting or delivering sold work. The Society of Women Artists strongly advises artists to insure their own works.

14.  Sales of Work and Notification - All Work accepted and included must be exclusive for the duration of the exhibition. If the the work is sold through another platform or by the artists during the exhibition the SWA's commission will still be owing.  If work in the Exhibition has been sold, exhibitors will be notified by email as soon as possible.

15.  Invitations and flyers: Digital invitations or flyers and a press release will be emailed to all selected artists to forward to buyers, collectors, press and any other contacts they would like to see the exhibition. ​

16. The SWA reserves the right to disqualify any Work if the artist has failed to adhere to these Terms and Conditions and the relevant rules. Works previously exhibited with the SWA are not eligible for entry.

By submitting to the exhibition you are deemed to accept and agree to the following:

  • The decision of the Selectors on all matters Is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  • You understand that The Organisers reserves the right to make such changes to the exhibition arrangements and these Terms & Conditions as may be deemed necessary by circumstances.

  • You authorise The Organisers To process, store, and utilise the data in your submission and agree that, if selected for exhibition, images of your work can be used by The Organisers, The Gallery and associated organisations for promotional and publicity purposes.

  • All information provided by you is true and accurate and that the work submitted is wholly of your own creation.

  • You have read and understood these terms and conditions and by submitting work accept and agree to observe all the Terms And Conditions therein.


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